Look through the following 10 ideas, but remember, since your brand is your “promise,”
a promise that you’ll always do what you say you can do, pick the ideas that you can REALLY deliver on.

  1. All orders are processed within 23 hours.

    (Or a number less than your main competitor; people typically find odd number more memorable than standard ones)

  2. You guarantee your customers’ satisfaction.

    (That your product or service will provide a specific change or improvement. You can base this on what customers have said your product or service regularly delivers.)

  3. A customer service rep with a silky voice answers the phone.

     (NY actors are always available. Let’s face it; a good phone voice goes a long way to making a good impression and the right tone can really motivate a prospect.)

  4. All customers get to speak to the boss.

    (So often we never get to speak to the decision maker; with you, they always do.)

  5. Gift wrapping at no extra charge.

    (Great for hassled parents. As a parent with 3 kids who used to go to tons of birthday parties, there’s never enough time to buy the gift and WRAP it.)

  6. We’ll deliver to your home or office.

    (Good for a retail shops like hardware stores, copy shops, appliance stores, notaries. (How many times have you wished that your purchase could just find its own way to your home?)

  7. We’ll find your size (or color, or designer) of the dress or suit and send you a picture and description.

    (This is real personalized service which can set you apart from your competition.)

  8. We will get to your home within 1 hour of scheduled time or it’s free.

    (Apply this to number six, i.e. service calls and you’ll have a competitive advantage.)

  9. If you’re in our zip code, you’ll get a neighbor discount.

    (You can build real local loyalty this way. Being a part of a community is so important today so turn your neighborhood into one.)

  10. When you visit our website (or store) you’ll learn how to fix it, find it or learn more about it.

    (You are now an authority or a reference source. We are all looking for expert advice and if you’ve got the goods, if you really know how to make something happen, people will ultimately buy from you.)


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