Most of us think of marketing as this large cumbersome activity.  We tend to think of it as an entire Marketing Plan which ACTUALLY is a multi-part challenge.
Rather than think of it that way, break it up into manageable pieces.
Here are some of the pieces, BUT the point is you only have to do one or two each day, NOT all at once.
•     Identify different markets – This could be going over lists of current customers/clients and see who could you approach for a referral.
•    Contact prospect – Actually make calls or send e-mails to people on this list.
•    Draft –  Write a draft of the e-mail or letter.
•    Time – Decide exactly how many calls you are going to make; if you say you’ll call a few, it won’t likely happen.

•    Network – Set up a schedule to attend at least one network event per week.

•    Follow up – Enter names of new contacts (acquired from the meeting) into your data base.

•    Review your Social Media Accounts – Pick just ONE – either Linked In,  OR Facebook OR Twitter or Pinterest and make one update.
•    Collateral Information – Update one section of your website.
•    Checking in – Call 2 or 3 current customers or clients and see how they’re dong; ask how can you help them now.p with latest trends.
•    Learning – Read at least 1 business blog every day – keep u

•  Pitching –  Practice your elevator pitch with someone who does not know anything about business and get feedback.

Here’s my point; marketing does NOT have to be this onerous, “I’ll do anything to avoid doing it” feeling. 

If you break it down into bite-sized pieces, you WILL move forward in your marketing goals.
 If you feel you need some support to help you get the tasks done, I can coach you and hold you accountable for what you say you’ll do.  Give me a call or send me an e-mail and we can work out the details.