In every web site I’ve ever seen, there’s a section about the principals of the company.  And that makes sense. After all, you want to know something about the people running the show. So “Who Am I?”  To put it simply, I’m a detective, looking for the truth of the matter – the real story.  How did I come to wear this title?  Well, once upon a time . . .   These are the relevant facts.

 From 1986 until 1996 I served as a senior development officer for several cultural organizations in New York City, helping them to raise operating funds and increase their visibility to funders and the public.

In 1996, I formed my own company, Small Business Management Consulting (SBMC), through which I provided a broad range of services to many cultural and social service organizations. My work with non-profits included annual giving drives, organizational development, board training and strategic planning campaigns. Since its founding, my company raised more than $5 million for nearly 50 non-profit businesses.

In 2004, I re-positioned the business to provide the same creative, revenue-enhancing strategies for profit-making, commercial enterprises. To date, I have provided business coaching/consulting services for more than 50 companies.

As part of my training to work w/ non-profits, I completed a Masters of Fine Arts in Performing Arts Management and later – to prime myself to assist businesses – I got an MBA in Entrepreneurship.

Let me add something here.  OK, I have two “advanced” degrees – so what?  It’s because what I now know can help YOU.  My “major” for my MFA was fundraising.  And to be a good fundraiser, you have to know how to sell.  That’s right sell, not ask.  You have to be able to craft a message that makes sense to the possible donor.  Hey, they won’t give unless their money goes to something that matters to them.  I am proud to say I raised a lot of money for many groups, each of whom had a distinct goal.  People heard my message and they gave money.  You’re in business and YOU want people to give you THEIR money. I can help you craft your message so people WANT to buy from you.

My MBA?  Again, so what? It’s a way of thinking; it’s about understanding ROI. (Return on Investment) It’s about being able to turn numbers into words that show you know what the hell you’re talking about.  Rather than confuse you, I can show you how to use numbers to grow  your business.

In the end, you should work with me because I’ll make your business work for you.


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