Wait, a Purple Cow; no such thing and
why would I want to be one?

Well, there IS a kind of cow that’s Purple,
and you REALLY DO want to be one.

As this concept comes from mind of Seth Godin, let me paraphrase his idea.

 When you first come across a group of cows (on your travels over the years) and assuming you don’t come from a family of dairy farmers, you probably found the site pretty interesting.

After all, cows have cool BLACK or BROWN designs all over them.

 But after the first three farms, it’s “Really, another?”  From then on, they all look the same.

 But what if the next farm had a PURPLE COW?

 Would you stop and have a look?

You bet you would!

The point – after a while your business can look just like another BLACK or BROWN business – not very memorable.

 I believe that there is some Purple Cow
in every business;

That distinct quality where you deliver a superior product or service

One that has meaning.

One that can mean more business for you.

Perhaps you can use some assistance
finding your purple cow.

Give me a call or send me an e-mail and I’ll sit down with you for a FREE 45-minute evaluation session.

Your cow is waiting.


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