Who Works with Me? Who I Work Well With

(and Who I Don’t)

As you look over the list below, the first thing you’ll notice is that there are many different kinds of companies.  What do they have in common? They are:

  • Passionate about what they do

  • Strive for excellence in their product or service

  • Successful and profitable

  • Have deep relationships with their customers

  • Are ready to accept guidance and to be held accountable for their choices

  • Know it will take some time to make meaningful change and are committed to the process.

  • See their business as a way to make meaning in the world

If you share these attitudes, you’re ready to work with me.  If not, that’s OK; you may be better served by a different coach. 


Big Bad Evil Gaming

Imagine the game Dungeons and Dragons on steroids. This two-person firm  is building a company that will be able to create all kinds of “‘miniatures” for what is called the “Table Top Community,”  SBMC is helping them draft a business plan that will be submitted to a Business Plan Competition.

Luminous Thread

Is a New York-based agency dedicated to weaving technology, design and business together to help people light up their ideas and share them with the world. Its mission is to help enterprises accelerate the adoption of new technologies, untangle complex issues that emerge during digital evolution, and orchestrate ongoing innovation.  SBMC is working with this business to create copy for their website including case studies to illuminate the breadth of their work.  SBMC is also creating a marketing plan to identify new clients. 

Shelley Diamond https://www.shelleydiamondarchivalsolutions.com/

Shelley Diamond Archival Solutions offers customized archival, organizational and collection management services in New York City.  SBMC worked with Shelley to refine her marketing message to better communicate her value to current and prospective clients.

Cooperperson Performance Consulting- www.cooperperson.com

CPC is one of the leading organizational development firms in the Northeast.  It specializes in addressing corporate culture and communication, executive coaching, family and business strategy, team building and women’s leadership. SBMC worked with CPC by building  a launch campaign for one of their client’s businesses. SBMC also created a Press Packet for the entire organization.

Docious Godfrey- https://docious.com/section/453635-Little-Man.html

Docious is a visual artist and children’s book writer.  Her book, Little Man, chronicles the story of the character of the same name as he and his trusty blue-flower friend, who narrates the story, take little kids on journeys of imagination and play as they wander in fanciful landscapes filled with whimsical shapes. Originally self-published, SBMC’s work with Docious was to create a strategy to grow the public’s awareness of the book. This was done helping her getting meetings with children’s book authors and publishers and finding opportunities where she could do readings and workshops with children.

Mali List Meyer www.lifemanagementpros.com

Mali came to me with the need to re-evaluate her business model, and create a more compelling business story.  Like many Sole Proprietors, Mali could only generate revenue for her clients when she worked.  She had no other revenue stream, and therefore often took any one expressing an interest in her services, regardless of how much their project was worth.  We re-did her pricing and came up with a hole new package of services for she now charges much more, so she can now get closer to her annual revenue goal.  Maili’s Business Story was not compelling and didn’t define what customers get from working with.  Working together, we created Origin and a Rationale stories – designed to inform the reader why she’s one of the best at what she does. These stories are used in copy of all kinds and when she makes pitches about her business.

David Wagner – D.A. Wagner Productions, LLC
Lightroom Guy Blog – 
https://lightroomguy.com Commercial Photography – https://davidwagner.com

David Wagner came to SBMC to analyze and refine his messaging and business model so that he could become more profitable by serving a more select clientele.

Jeff Fine, LCSW, MS, NSCA-CPT – TotalSelf Counseling and Fitness www.mytotalself.com

Jeff used SBMC’s services to put together a new therapeutic model that combines traditional psychotherapy, personal fitness and nutrition; three skill sets that had put together in a practical and appealing package.

Karuna Acupuncture https://karuna-accupunctureny.com/

Melanie Severo – Melanie wanted to attract new clients and increase her revenue.  I helped Melanie develop new language to describe the benefits of her work and use different pricing models to generate higher fees.


Families Love Art

Tamar Effrat- an Israeli woman founded this conceptual and physical space in which families can encounter art, have exchanges and dialogues about art, have a space where kids and adults can create art, be a marketplace to find and buy works for the home, family and community. I worked with her over a year clarifying her mission and identifying artis to work with Accher and actual spaces where her work could take place.

18 North Entertainment

Nate Scott  Timmerman, Principal, is a sound engineer who specializes in working with singers who need special recording and mixing methods to realize their true sound.  By helping him refine his marketing message in both verbal and written forms, he has been able to grow his business.  I also helped him design a more effective pricing structure so his revenue increased.


This retail/online store developed their Illuminated Pet Safety System: collars, leashes and travel bags designed to help pets be visible at night.  I helped them better market their products  by crafting real-life stories of how their products help save real pets’ lives.

Accusound Cable Company  https://www.accusoundcablecompany.com/

Owner and Founder, Steve Seropian, produces very high-end sound cables for professional studios and musicians.  With stiff competition, Seropian needed to better position his award-winning design to reveal its higher value. To develop a new business story, I interviewed competitors and experts in the field and worked with Steve to produce a new approach to marketing his cables.

GreenZone Landscape

This 10 year-old landscaping company, founded by Dan Silverstein, sought help from SBMC to re-brand itself and broaden its appeal to attract new high-end customers.

Take Care Body – Mind https://www.takecarebody.com/

Run by a facial expert and yoga instructor, Sadie Adams, hired SBMC to create a series of financial projections for building a new business incorporating both services.

Tupler, Inc. https://www.tuplertechnique.com/

Julie Tuper, creator of a program to help people with the medical condition Diastasis Recti, hired SBMC to create new copy for her web site and other promotional material.

Playground Partisans

Designer Judith Engleman hired SBMC to help her create a plan to expand the creation and distribution of a new line of childrens’ T-shirts.

The Carina Li Group https://carinaligroup.com/

This company  – which helps American manufacturers introduce their products into China – retained SBMC to create new collateral material for them to present to new clients.


Jacob Sherman used SBMC to create a marketing and promotional plan to get the word out about the hand-crafted goods he imported from Latin America.

Available Light Arts

John Chidiac- a filmmakeer, came to SBMC needing help to package and present a new way to showcase the work of young artists through movie trailers.


The principals of a high-end housewares business came to SBMC for help to develop a plan to transform their retail experience into a craft-oriented business.

See-See MultiMedia https://seeseemultimedia.com/

Secil Cornick, a video producer, came to SBMC to transform her considerable experience in the field into a business that could leverage her skills to attract clients, and revenue to develop a documentary film she is producing.

Kids Rocking Cancer

Rodney Ezrapour – a cancer survivor – hired SBMC to create a strategy to launch this non-profit organization dedicated to helping kids cope with life during and after treatment.

Union Square Spinal Care https://unionsquarespinalcare.com/

Dr. Leonard Rosenblum – owner and founder of US-SC, is using SBMC to revitalize his 20 year-old practice through a re-branding process that will help him tell his business story better.

Healing NYC

Long time Reiki-treatment specialist, Richard Randig, hired SBMC to help him position and launch his new multi-treatment center specializing in Reiki, Reflexology, Focusing, Color Therapy and Affirmation.

Accurate Infoservices, Inc. https://www.accurateinfoservices.net/

Matt Alert, the principal of the information security company, used SBMC to create a cash flow analysis of his finacnes to gain a better understanding of and control over his expenses and revenue.  As a result of SBMC’s work, he will be able to save money by eliminating expense duplications in areas such as insurance and personnel.

Eric Habib

Habib is both a real estate buyer as well as RE attorney.  SBMC crafted new copy for his web site that reflected his entrepreneurial background as a way of distinguishing himself from other real estate lawyers.

Lee Presser https://www.thebestapartment.com/

A real estate broker with the Corcorran Group used the services of SBMC to develop a story board and script for a promotional video.  He also used SBMC to create a market analysis of his options to grow his practice.

Southern Tier Hospice and Palliative Care, Inc. https://www.carefirstny.org/

This non-profit organization based in Corning, New York provides a wide range of hospice services.  They retained SBMC to conduct a Values Survey as the first step in a organization-wide re-branding process whose goal will be to re-introduce the organization to its community and funding base.

Helen-Marie, Inc. https://www.helen-marie.com/

This business was founded by two brothers who are the principals in a graphic and web-site design company.  They retained SBMC to build their breand awareness and improve their position in the mid-level market.

Art and Mosaics, LLC https://www.artandmosaics.com/

Founded by Danilo Bonazza, a highly acclaimed mosaic artisan, SBMC has assisted this 2-year old company increase its visibility by co-producing a high-end, sophisticated media kit and creating a marketing plan that has introduced him to a select group of interior designer and architects.

Burgess Ventures

This young company provides exotic, first class, day-long adventures to the public and for private parties throughout the NYC Metro area.  Seeking to attract investors, they retained SBMC to refine their business plan to highlight their anticipated revenues.

Mieko Mintz

A highly-praised designer with her own women’s clothing line and retail store in Soho, Mieko retained SBMC to find ways to increase her profits.  Through a combination of changes to make her operation more efficient, leasing space in her store and mining her data base, Miiko will likely see her net revenue grow.

Future Green Studio https://futuregreenstudio.com/

Principal David Seiter is an experienced landscape architect who has worked with some of the best in the field.  He has opened his own firm and has used SBMC to refine his niche and create a precision marketing plan to target his best prospects.

G-Class Services

This one-year old start-up limousine company is using SBMC to re-launch the business with a marketing plan that re-connects past clients, uses comments by current “raving” clients and reaches out to targeted hotels and larger businesses to become corporate clients.

Clean Green Maids https://greenmaids.co/

Combining cleaning services for residential and commercial establishments with eco-friendly methods and products, Clean Green Maids retained SBMC to position its brand in the large cleaning marketplace by refining its message in spoken word and print forms. 

Tarzian Hardware https://www.tarzianhardware.com/

This 87-year old hardware “institution” in Park Slope, Brooklyn is working with SBMC to re-brand the store as part of an operational plan for the next generation of family members who run it.

Designs by Valle 

A design and seasonal furniture company has retained SBMC to develop business forecasts and maket their line of up-scale holiday and outdoor furniture.

Rolling Press, Inc. https://www.rollingpress.com/

A 10 year-old family-based printing company hired SBMC to facilitate a succession in management, advise the CEO on a range of administrative issues, and develop copy for its soon-to-be launched website.

Encore Music Lessons, LLC

This company, which offers personalized, in-home music instruction featuring working artists as teachers, has hired SBMC to develop a referral program and other activities to expand its market share. 

Duffy & Bracken, Physical Therapy, P.C. 

A full-service physical therapy facility in lower Manhattan, this 18 year-old company is working with SBMC to develop and market a new Wellness Program. 

NeatZit International, Inc.

This specialty company – based in Israel – produces Jewish religions garments and distributes Judaica throughout the world, engaged SBMC to develop marketing strategies to expand its market share in the United States. 

Birthday Presence, Inc. 

This successful women-run company that provides services to expectant and new mothers using doulas has retained SBMC to develop short and long-term strategies to help it compete and retain its position in their market.

Exclusively Antoins, LLC

The Company manufactures bath and body products, using the highest quality ingredients. With interest growing in its line of bath and body products, the company retained SBMC to help manage its growth and set specific sales and financial goals.

Bruno-Kearney Architects

With guidance from SBMC, the firm – originally formed by one of the two partners – was able to merge the talents of the two architects and develop a strategy to attract a new level of clients.  

ElderCare New York, Inc.

Run by a geriatric care manger, Elder Care New York offers seniors and their families’ guidance with living options and financial management of their resources. SBMC helped the company expand its client base through the development of white papers and speaking engagements.  


A children’s toy store whose toys not only look beautiful, they also engage kids’ natural curiosity and wonder at the world. SBMC helped this specialty store better manage its cash flow and control its unusual inventory.

American Ways
and Language  https://awlanguage.com/

A firm that coaches expatriates in American English and culture for business and social situations retained SBMC to develop its brand by improving its image.  

Silk Road

SBMC assisted this furniture and furnishings retail business – that specializes in pieces from China – identify and reach new markets.  

John Iozzio, D.C 

This 20 year-old chiropractic/acupuncture center hired SBMC to develop strategies to stabilize its operations and attract new clients. 

Health to Heart Staffing Services 

SBMC assisted this start-up health services company to define its target markets and develop an initial marketing plan.  

ODM, Inc.

The far-reaching website design and media company worked with SBMC to re-examine how it selects and works with clients to maximize current revenue and position itself to realize its long-term growth goals.  

2nd Helpings Natural Foods Restaurant

Seeking ways to grow its revenue within strict facility limitations, SBMC crafted a plan that increased the restaurant’s revenue stream.

NY Sketches 

In a few years this party entertainment company has grown considerably and worked with SBMC to set and achieve long-tern business goals that meet the life needs of its two partners.  

The Parko Café

SBMC worked with the owner/operator on the sell/purchase agreement and crafted a cash flow statement for the new venture.  

Act Professional

This growing company that provides personalized presentation skills training needed assistance from SBMC in packaging its programs and services.

Flejter, LLC

SBMC worked with this fine-art mural company specializing in murals for children, identify companies with which they can form strategic alliances.  


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