Why did you start your own business?  I can think of four good reasons.

  1. You had an idea for a product or service that you knew had untapped markets.
  2. You got to do what you really love, to live your passion every day.
  3. You got to be independent, to deliver a better product or service as only you can do it.
  4. You got to live your life on your terms – you manage the business as it makes sense to you.

Yes, running a small business has many rewards; BUT it also comes with some big responsibilities. THIS list is twice as long. You have to:

  1. Manage your time
  2. Pay your bills
  3. Manage employees and outside vendors
  4. Manage payroll
  5. Decide when to make improvements or make a major purchase
  6. Market your product or service
  7. Constantly network
  8. Monitor your competition

That’s a lot of thinking and doing. Can you really do it alone? Sure, you may hire people to help you with certain tasks; every business has some outside vendors who perform various functions. But in the end it’s up to you.

So, you read articles (even books) on management, selling, accounting and marketing.  You go to lots of networking events, some trade shows. You take short classes on all of these topics through your local government’s business division, Chambers of Commerce, non-profit organizations that provide business support services, even Community Colleges.

Hey, this is all good. You are to be commended for your determination to getting it right.

There’s a hitch.  You have to find the time to do the research, read the material, meet prospects, and then sell.

And oh yeah – you have to keep up with changes and trends in your actual field.


Here’s what I say:

When you get tired of looking in the mirror to make all this happen, give me a call.


  • Help you identify your REAL customers so you don’t waste time looking
  • Show you how to talk with them so they really listen
  • Work with you to create a realistic plan to market your products or services
  • Hold you accountable for what you say you’re going to do
  • Give you business tips and best practice guides that you can use right away
  • Challenge and push you to do more than you think you can
  • Be your partner in this genuinely challenging process

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