Like all business owners, I want to improve and grow my business.
Improve meaning becoming more profitable, becoming more visible, becoming better run.
No news here.
So, the obvious question is “How do I do it?”
And the answer is “I don’t know.”
What I DO know is that the only way you can make any positive change is to have some kind of milestone,
benchmark or guidepost that lets you know how far you’ve come toward realizing that goal.
Just what do I mean?
Becoming more profitable means defining just what NUMBER more profitable means. Just saying “more” doesn’t really help.  Once you have a specific number, than you can mark off as you get closer and closer.  This way, you can actually MEASURE just how far you’ve
come toward reaching that goal of more profits.
The same approach is needed for the other two goals:  becoming more visible and becoming better run.
You have to define what each specifically means, so does more visible mean more LinkedIn “looks?”, more “likes” on your Face Book page, a higher
position on a Google search?
Each of these is a specific kind of visibility that has specific kinds of viewers.  You must carefully decide which one really matters to your business and then go about the process of improving your
position in each one.
Here, too, becoming more visible can be MEASURED.
With “better run”, does that mean better cash flow, improved customer retention, more staff training?
Again each one is different and achieving each one
requires different metrics.
So, take a few moments to consider where you want
your business to go.