Samll Business Mangement Consultant - Pitch Show

Want to pitch your business idea in front of a  live audience with the chance of winning some start-up funds? 

Now’s your opportunity.

Come to The Pitch Show where early-stage entrepreneurs present their Business Idea to win $$$ in a fun setting.

Six startups compete for a cash prize in a 90-second business pitch on a virtual stage in front of an audience.  After each contestant is finished, the audience votes for the winner.  (The last time I had the contest, over 100 people attended the Virtual Event.)

What makes The Pitch Show Different?

  • It’s Shark Tank without Mr. Wonderful tearing you down.
  • It’s an Elevator Pitch in front of a crowd.
  • It’s a Pitch Contest where the audience decides who wins.
  • There is contest-based music btw. pitches
  • Each contestant shares 3 personal stories before they pitch.

Want to pitch your Business Idea?

Email a short description of your Business Idea to , and put The Pitch Show in the subject line.

The show will be announced a month ahead of time. The show is FREE.

P. S. If you’d like to get an invitation to the event, just send a request to and put The Pitch Show in the subject line.

See the 3-minute trailer below: