Why do customers buy from you?

Because the service sounds good?

Because the product looks nice?


They’re buying the future, not the thing itself.

I buy bread so I can enjoy it later with jam.

I think it’s safe to say that your choice for President
is based on their vision for the future.
Where they want to take the country.
And how that journey will affect you.


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Here’s the thing.

It’s no different for your clients or customers.

Sure they want a solid contract, elegant business cards, a great dinner at a new restaurant or a form-flattering new dress.

But in all those cases, they’re not buying what you’re selling.
They’re buying what happens after the sale.
They’re buying the future.


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 The solid contract means they believe they won’t get ripped off later. The elegant business cards translate into a sales-making image. The great dinner says, “I got to taste it before my friends.” And the new dress is a ticket to compliments on her attractive new look.

So I ask, what are YOU really selling?

If you’d like some help figuring it out, give me a call or send me an e-mail, and I’ll meet you for a no-cost strategy session.

I’ll help you find your true value.