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I make a point of collecting good sources of information and/or services that are free or at low cost. Here are some of my latest finds. – Marketing Guru – excellent blog and talks available on video (Robert Middleton) Excellent source of “how to” Marketing for small businesses (Free & Low-Cost) – Newsletter gives great tips on branding (Free and Low-Cost) – Short articles on marketing (Free & Low-Cost) – Industry trade magazine – (sign up for e-newsletters) – Gives news of interest to small businesses (Geri Stengel) – Hour-long webinars on all parts of starting, running and building businesses (for-profit and non-for-profits) – focused more on traditional retail operations – Jeffrey Gitomer – A very funny sales guru (Free & Low-Cost) – Source of interns (low cost) – source for all kinds of services by bidding (Different Price Points) – like Upwork, but  more kinds of services (Different Price Points) – Help a Reporter Out – Writers use your business in their articles. – Detailed data on businesses plus ways of tracking leads (Different Price Points)  – Transfer large amounts of data and images– (Free & low-cost)  – Meeting organizer

The – Marketing through stories – Marketing focusing on on-line activities

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