It’s a simple question, but one very few business owners can answer.

It’s not enough to tell me their age, gender, or ethnicity.

I want to know where they live now and where they grew up.

What are their values – being frugal, compassionate, self-made, independent, loyal?

 Religious?  Tell me which one and in what way.

Environmentalist? Feminist? Progressive? Conservative? Libertarian?



Describe what’s fun for them.  Going bar hopping?  Hiking in the mountains? Quiet reading? Working out and playing hard?

Are they nerdy, cool, serious, thoughtful?

How do they look – fashion conscious, bargain-based, corporate, “relaxed fit”?

Who or what influences their decision-making? Do they go with their gut, or check with many sources?

What newspapers do they read?  What TV channels do they watch?

Are they readers, media watchers, Face Book followers?

My Point?

 You need to know what’s referred to as “their world view.”  
It’s the lens through they see and perceive the world.

Why is this so important?  With so many businesses offering similar services and/or products, for yours to sell, it is essential that it appeal to a specific group
of people who value and want what you are offering.

And you MUST know exactly who they are.


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