When your company is associated with an archetype—a universally recognized character or ideal— it will be much stronger

Archetypes show up all the time in classic forms of storytelling, so you need to think about:

What stories define your company?

What archetype are your customers living out?

What is their unfolding myth?


Here are 12 Archetypes

  1. Simply and virtuously the Purist is wholesome, exemplary and highly ethical. He believes in being good and doing good.He believes in being good and doing good.
  2. The purist is an individualist, blazing her own trail in pursuit of freedom, adventure, and new experiences that feed his soul.
  3. The Source is looked upon as the all-knowing provider of knowledge. He devours information in the pursuit of knowledge and expertise. She has a high level of curiosity and is looked upon for advice and opinions.
  4. The Conqueror is noble and is identified by an ability to meet and overcome adversity.  She is steadfast when meeting challenges head on, no matter how difficult. He is relentless, resilient, and confident in his abilities and feels that anything he earns is well deserved.
  5. The Rebel is unsatisfied with the status quo and abhors convention.  Her behavior may be disruptive or even shocking and outrageous to some, but to others he represents someone who will do whatever it takes to protect his self-expression.
  6. The Seducer unsurprisingly desires romance, intimacy and sensual pleasure.  He’s not afraid to indulge and especially enjoys products and brands that hold strong sex appeal and that promise to boost attractiveness and desirability
  7. The Wizard seeks out experiences that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. She represents the universal message of mystery, thrill, and novelty.  The Wizard seeks experiences that make his dreams come true, whether it’s the wonder of technology that never quits, magical potions that fight the effects of aging, or a golden passport to all the world has to offer.
  8. The Straight Shooter abhors pretension and is no-nonsense.  He will say it like it is and behave in ways he believes are true to himself. He values being real in all that he does and in his relationships with others.  He’s friendly and informal. He’s not one to keep up with the Joneses and marches to the beat of his own voice.
  9. The Protector values compassion and generosity.  She puts others first, providing tender loving care, support and reassurance.
  10. The Imagineer is an artist, an innovator, and a dreamer.  He summons artistry and imagination to express himself and his vision of the world
  11. The Emperor is the boss, the chief, king of the castle, the capo di tutti capi, She exudes power and exerts leadership and dominance over others.  She prefers products that offer an opportunity to stand above the crowd, whether in price, quality, service or performance.
  12. The Entertainer is your typical clown or prankster – a fun-loving free spirit who wants only to live in the moment and have a good time doing it. He has a unique ability to capture and transfix an audience’s attention.                   So what character defines you and attracts that kind of customer? 

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