Can I ask you a question?  Why are you in business?  Of course you’re in it to make some money.

But I suspect there’s more.  I think you’re in business because you believe you have a service or product that can make a difference in people’s lives, whether they feel better, get something done better or save $$ on something they do now.

You’re proud of what you do and that you have some loyal customers.  Yet, you want to grow, find new customers and increase your revenue. But for some reason you’re stuck, you can’t seem to get to the next level.

I think you’re stuck because you’re not telling new customers a story they understand, a story that says you understand them.

That’s where I can be of help.  So many of us forget that customers don’t really want to know HOW you do what you do; they just want to know how it will help them.  They want a good story.  And I will help you tell your business story so people trust you, listen to you and buy from you.  That’s what I do – I will help you tell your business story better.

All of my clients, whether a sound engineer, a chiropractor, a fashion designer, a commercial printer, a hardware store owner, a videographer, a yoga/spa manager, a real-estate lawyer, a psychotherapist or a mosaic craftsman – needed one thing.  A clear, compelling story that made people curious, intrigued and ready to buy.

I’m not about marketing mumbo-jumbo; trying to dazzle prospects with unlikely outcomes, it’s about demonstrating real value, connecting to prospects with an authentic story so they want to do business with you.

And once we build your story we can find new customers who will benefit from what you do, And then we reach out to them.  We will reach out to them with a strategy that uses your story and a plan that identifies and attracts these new buyers.

I’d like to help you.  And I’ll meet with you for 45 minutes at no charge and see if I can help you as I’ve helped other small business owners.

Before you call, please take a few minutes to read some real accounts, personal testimonials from actual clients who will  tell you in their own words what they’ve gotten from working with me.

Email me or call me at 718-768-1672.

I’m Alan Siege and I help successful small retail and independent professionals articulate their value, attract new customers and increase their bottom line.