In my work as a writer of different kinds of material for my clients, I have come up with SIX points that I think you should consider BEFORE you draft any kind of written communication.

  1. What is it that you are sharing? Or what specific information, facts, thoughts, ideas, suggestions or background do you want to say?

  2. Why are you sending it? Or what are the circumstances that prompted you?

  3. Who is your specific audience and what is your relationship to them?  Or is it to an individual, group, a department, a specific age or gender, and how formal or informal should it be?

  4. Must the document be in a certain format, Or like a press release, is there a  specific structure that is expected by the recipient?

  5. Are their specific steps that the reader needs to follow to get them to do the thing you want?

  6. What do you want to happen once the reader has finished?  Or do you want them to feel differently, to think differently, make a call, write a letter, go somewhere, buy something?

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