10 Easy Ways to Build
Enhance Your Brand
Look through the following 10 ideas, but remember, since your brand is your “promise,” a promise that you’ll always do what you say you can do, pick the ideas that you can REALLY deliver on.
1. All orders are processed within 23 hours.
(Or a number less than your main competitor; people typically find odd number more memorable than standard ones)
2. You guarantee your customers’ satisfaction.
(That your product or service will provide a specific change or improvement. You can base this on what customers have said your product or service regularly delivers.)
3. A customer service rep with a silky voice answers the phone.
(NY actors are always available. Let’s face it; a good phone voice goes a long way to making a good impression and the right tone can really motivate a prospect.)
4. All customers get to speak to the boss.
(So often we never get to speak to the decision maker; with you, they always do.)
5. Gift wrapping at no extra ch