I’m going to crack a few eggs here. Upset the apple cart. Throw you a curve ball.

I’m going to challenge you on how you talk about your business

Here we go:
(with a little assistance from Guy Kawasaki,)

Most of us were once told the story of the two men, who each “sit”  behind one ear.
One is commonly called the “devil,” and the other, an “angel.”

The Angel only advises you to do good things and the devil, well, you know what he does.

So now imagine that instead of two men, there’s just one, and he sits on your shoulder.

His only job is be a kind-of BS filter.  So when you talk about what you do to someone
who knows nothing about your business, and you say a bunch of convoluted BS, he says

  So What!!!!!!!!

 Every time you make a statement, imagine the little man’s asking his question.

After you answer it, follow with the two most powerful words, “For instance, . . . .”
and then discuss a real-world use or scenario of a benefit of your product or service.

Nothing in any kind of presentation is more powerful than combining an answer
to “So what?” with “For instance, . . .”



You Said: We use advanced circuitry in our copiers

Little Man Asked:  SO WHAT?

You Replied:  Our product prints faster and cleaner.

Then You Elaborated:  For instance, if you have a last-minute presentation that has lots of charts and graphs, you’ll get it done in time and it looks great. 


You said:  We provide 128-bit encryption in a portable device.

Little Man asked:  SO WHAT?

You Replied:  It’s harder than hell to break into our system.

Then you elaborated:  For instance, if you’re in a hotel room and want to have a secure telephone conversation with your headquarters.  


 You said:  I just completed a course in the latest commercials cleaning practices.

Little Man asked:  SO WHAT?

You replied:  Our products have no harsh and are made with chemicals that don’t harm the environment.

Then you elaborated:  For instance, you call tell your employees that you care about them and are doing something for future generations. 


 You said:  We use Montessori methods in our new school.

Little Man asked:  SO WHAT?

You replied:  Our school focuses on children as individuals that enables them to learn to manage their own studies independently.

Then you elaborated:  For instance, we enable children of all calibers to comfortably proceed at their own pace. 


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